Company Profile

PixArt Imaging Inc., headquartered from Hsinchu Taiwan, is established in July 1998. We specializes in CMOS imaging sensing and navigation related integrated chip designs, and offers a broad selection of sensor products and technologies to support today’s complex human-machine interface designs. Today, we have offices across Silicon Valley, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and Denmark to support our customers worldwide.

PixArt is expertized in CMOS image sensors (CIS), capacitive touch controllers and related imaging application development. With extensive experience in mixed-signal image processing design and systems development, we are dedicated to developing novel technologies to bridge the human-machine interface barrier. In order to meet specific customer product requirements, we also provide customized ASICs design services in addition to sensor chip designs.

Currently we are the world leading supplier in optical mouse sensor chips for conventional PC and high-end gaming applications, and is an industry leader for Smart Sensor SoC solutions incorporating CMOS Imager, optics and proprietary algorithm engines. With the best expertise in CIS design and development with comprehensive competencies globally, PixArt is working to continuously expanding our application portfolios including Optical Navigation, Object Motion Sensing, Touch, CMOS Image Sensor, Health Management and Custom ASICs.

PixArt’s core technology utilizes CMOS image sensor as the vision for image analytics that we build into the SOC. With our ability to provide end-to-end solutions, proprietary algorithms and decent IC packaging, PixArt offers one-stop-shop services that fulfills all your project and application needs. As an insider with sharp insight on the market trend, PixArt’s product positioning strategy is aligned with active anticipation in growing the adjacent application of CMOS image sensors, by providing value added product optimization with quality, low power architecture and minimized form factor – all in a single SoC. With our key competencies and close relationship to collaborate with the world top companies in wafer fab, test house, packaging and optics makers, we are able to provide competitive complete solutions with much shorter design cycles.

In recent years, PixArt has been actively driving the collaboration with international world leading companies in developing new applications for the human machine interaction (HMI). The encouraging response and recognition that we received were inspirational and have motivated us to further accelerate our development for better and more powerful sensor technologies.

Our Philosophies:

  • Inspire innovation by providing challenging and proficient working environment to unleash one strengths.
  • Understanding the affiliation of customers and partners to pursue best interests of both sides.
  • Be respect on intellectual property rights, rewarding on invention in dynamically strategizing global patent.
  • Sharing the success of operating results with shareholders and employees as well as contributing utmost to the community.