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  General Description
    The PAW3515DB is an ultra low cost CMOS process optical mouse sensor single chip with USB
interface that serves as a non-mechanical motion estimation engine for implementing a computer mouse. The
PAW3515DB also embedded internal RC function to replace external resonator for BOM cost
reduction and supported flexibility function change by programmer for easy and fast production.
  Design Support : New
  Operating Voltage : 4.25-5.5 V
  Interface : USB
  IC Package : 8-DIP
  Resolution : 1600
  Speed/Acceleration : 30ips/8g
  Illumination : Red LED
  Dimension (mm) : 9.9 x 12.6 x 6.15
  Run Mode Current : 10 mA
  Rest 1 Mode Current : 5 mA
  IO Voltage : 4.25-5.5 V
  Application  : Optical Mouse 
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