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  General Description
    The ADNS-7550 integrated molded lead-frame DIP
sensor comprises of sensor and VCSEL in a single
The advanced class of VCSEL was engineered by PixArt
Imaging to provide a laser diode with a single longitudinal
and a single transverse mode. In contrast to
most oxide-based single-mode VCSEL, this class of PixArt
VCSEL remains within single mode operation over a wide
range of output power. It has signifi cantly lower power
consumption than a LED. It is an excellent choice for
optical navigation applications.
The sensor is based on Laser technology, which
measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential
surface images (frames) and mathematically
determining the direction and magnitude of movement.
It contains an Image Acquisition System (IAS), a Digital
Signal Processor (DSP), and a four wire serial port. The IAS
acquires microscopic surface images via the lens and illumination
system. These images are processed by the
DSP to determine the direction and distance of motion.
The DSP calculates the ?x and ?y relative displacement
values. An external microcontroller reads the ?x and ?y
information from the sensor serial port. The microcontroller
then translates the data into PS2, USB, or RF signals
before sending them to the host PC or game console.
  Design Support : New
  Operating Voltage : 4.0-5.25 V
  Interface : 4-Wire SPI
  IC Package : 16-DIP
  Resolution : 2000
  Speed/Acceleration : 30ips/8g
  Illumination : LASER
  Dimension (mm) : 16.2 x 10.9 x 4.46
  Run Mode Current : 28 mA
  IO Voltage : 1.65-3.65 V
  Lens Part Number : ADNS-6150
  Sample Kit Part Number : ADNK-7550
  Reference Design Kit Part Number : ADNK-7553-SP11
  Application  : Optical Mouse  PC/NB/Toy/Biometric  Home appliances 
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