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Interactive Whiteboard System

Interactive Whiteboards are gaining wide popularity in schools and meeting rooms. More than creating a cleaner space free of whiteboard markers and eraser dusts, the smart apparatus promotes immersive meeting or distance learning, and encourages collaboration among participants with interactive activities. It also allow all written contents to be saved, displayed and shared via the internet or the Cloud with only a few clicks away.

For users who wish to enjoy the engaging and powerful capability of the interactive whiteboards but do not want to abandon their original display apparatus, PixArt offers an alternative solution to achieve equivalent interactive functions through a set of sensor camera and infrared (IR) pen.

It works like this. A teacher or presenter will turn on the sensor camera that is connected to a computer device and the IR pen. By gently tapping four corners of the whiteboard using the IR pen, a virtual detection area will be formed with interactive connectivity established between the two devices. When the setup is done (usually in less than 5 minutes), any movement of the IR pen inside the detection area will be tracked and interpreted as real-time data input, and can be projected onto the whiteboard with a conventional projector. All data inputs are modifiable and deletable through further instructions of the pen in real-time, and can be easily saved and shared through the connected computer device.

A sensor camera developed with PixArt's patented MOT module supports long-distance operation, and offers smooth user experience regardless of whether it is in a small meeting room or a large seminar hall. To find out more about our exciting MOT products and their relative applications, please visit the product pages below.

Gesture-Controlled Interactive Projector

The future is here. The eye-catching and (to many of us) unrealistic projecting methods shown in many science-fiction movies are no longer a fiction.

The latest gesture-controlled interactive projector can beam an image onto any surface, and allow users to control the display content through hand gestures. Some applications are even made to portable sizes to add flexibility and serve broader purposes, such as to replace rotating neon lights from the 90’s with interactive lightings and gesture-controlled effects to bring incredible vibes to parties!

The key performer inside a fascinating Gesture-Controlled Interactive Projector is the gesture-sensing technology, a realm which PixArt masters in. PixArt’s Gesture Recognition technology involves optical sensor arrays that are developed to identify sophisticated gestures. The quality of the array output is further enhanced through fine-tuned mechanisms such as high report rate and ambient light cancellation functions.

To fulfill our customers’ various application requirements, PixArt delivers two types of Gesture Recognition products – Gesture Image Sensor only or the Integrated Gesture Recognition Sensor Chip (SoC with ISP Function). Both types of products are designed in small form factor with low power consumption level to maximize usability. Through our advanced algorithmic development, the performance of the products remain stable and consistent under both light and dark environments, with their wake-up gesture command programmable by customers during system implementation.

To become one of the trend makers in the gesture/projector world, it is never too late to start your pioneering projects with PixArt’s leading-edge and well supported modules and sensors. You may browse the related product pages below, or contact us for insightful discussions.

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