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Interactive Toys

Interactive toys can be great learning tools and are certainly fun to be around! Many interactive toys in the market nowadays respond to commands such as push of buttons or audio sensing that help to trigger series of cause-and-effect actions. PixArt is looking to take a step further by introducing gesture-control mechanism and motion detection technology into playgrounds to create high-fidelity toys.

Imagine an electronic dog toy built-in with PixArt's Gesture Recognition and MOT (Multiple Objects Tracking) sensors. As soon as its little master walks into the room, the dog will be awakened and walk towards the little master with a waving tail. The little master may pat the dog’s head to make it sit down, or hold his/her palm near the dog’s front leg to make it do the handshake trick. To play fetch, simply throw a ball with built-in infrared light, the dog will immediately detect the ball and bring it back. These smooth and intuitive warm interactions are what we see in the next generation of interactive toys. Hold on. You also want to brag to your friends about your electronic dog and prove that it is better than a real pet? What about having it walk to a suitable distance and you may ‘pull’ the trigger for a group selfie by a simple wave of your hand?! How cool is that!

Contact us to find out more about our innovative sensor technology and their potential deliverables – an edge cutting and well-supported path for you to bring endless surprises and laughter to every home.

Drone Toys

Drone toys, one of the coolest toys ever invented in recent years, are gaining great prevalence across all age groups. Unlike their bulky aid delivery ancestors, drone toys are built to be lightweight, easy to control, and some even come with HD camera and video capabilities for capturing amazing aerial panoramas. Since they extend human vision to heights that we could hardly reach before, drone toys are widely used in sport and tourism photography that sometimes tend to blur the lines with commercial drones.

Conditions up in the air can be critical. Drones deployed for commercial photoshoot or video footage capturing are more likely to suffer from blurred image output if the stabilizing OMT sensors are not in use. The OMT sensors allow drones to remain steady in the air (even when it is windy) by continuously providing x- and y-axis tracking motion data to maintain the drone's stability in position. Without doubt, it is also important to have high quality built-in camera sensors in place to produce images in high definition and clarity.

These two major requirements can be achieved from our one-stop services. PixArt’s Optical Motion Tracking (OMT) technology has long been used on robots and drones for tracking purposes, and has proven to effectively improve device stability and re-positioning capabilities. On the other hand, PixArt's PrimeSensor™ CMOS Image Sensor SoC series offers a variety of digital and analog SoC camera sensors. These compact SoC sensors that adopt low-power architecture come in small chip sizes, making them ideal for drone or other battery-powered/size-sensitive applications.

To understand more about our drone related products, please check the product pages below for detailed specifications or contact us through our "Support" pages.

Toy Cameras

As more home use image sensor applications are available in affordable prices, it is understandable why toy cameras have stayed at the top of children's most-wanted gift lists in the past years – it is a precious memory-capturing tool that reflect our little one's world.

To take part in the meaningful moments of joy and laughter, the PrimeSensor™ series of PixArt offers digital SoC sensors for toy camera applications in small chip sizes and cost-effective structures. The SoCs come with fully integrated ISP processors which are aimed to create a smooth and efficient journey all the way from cost evaluation, project implementation, to the hands of the children.

To find out more about PixArt's PrimeSensor™ CMOS image sensor SoCs, please check up the CMOS Image Sensor SoC product pages below.

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