Wearables & Hearables

Proximity Alert & Ambient Light Sensing

PixArt’s PAC7673EE and PAC7672OM products are two highly integrated modules that support both proximity alert and ambient light sensing functions.

With built-in filter to reduce interference, the sensor module is able to accurately determine ambient lighting or distance from object to trigger relative adjustments or actions. A proximity sensor can be deployed on peripheral devices such as earbuds and mobile phones to determine whether to activate or to go to power-saving mode based on its proximity distance from the user. Furthermore, a smartwatch with proximity sensor could be programmed to alarm and send alert message to parents when the watch leaves the child’s wrist without proper process (e.g. authorized from a pairing app). Under extreme abduction situation which kidnappers generally remove the hostages’ smart watch to avoid been geographically tracked, the feature could help to draw attentions from passerbys or neighbors, and allow parents to respond as early as possible.

The ambient light feature of PixArt’s modules provide measurements of ambient light intensity and auto-adjust screen backlight to protect users’ eyes. This application allow users to read screen displays with the most comfortable backlight at all times, without making any manual adjustments or suffering from discomfort glare when there are sudden changes to surrounding light conditions (e.g. when the car enters a dark tunnel).

Both PAC7673EE and PAC7672OM products incorporate proximity and ambient light sensing, yet PAC7673EE further integrates LED feature. To find out more, please check our related product pages below for more information.

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