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Capacitive Touch Pads in Laptop/Tablet

Capacitive Touch Pads are used in almost all laptops as an alternative to mouse navigation. A good laptop touchpad must have the ability to precisely sensing and interpreting finger movements, and also have strong algorithms behind that perform tasks such as to filter unnecessary signal input from the palm (known as Smart Palm Rejection), and to consistently and accurately detect user input when the touchpad is damp or wet (known as Water/Humidity Resistance).

PixArt’s CFN (Capacitive Finger Navigation) technology is fully equipped with the most advanced algorithms in order to adapt to various user behaviors as well as their diversified surroundings in real life. In addition to the products' amazing usability under critical conditions, PixArt’s CFN chips are also capped with the latest device interfaces and compliance support to deliver the ultimate accessibility.

Features of PixArt’s CFN chips for laptop and tablets are as follows.
- Ultra-high noise immunity (20Vpp)
- Excellent water resistance
- Smart palm rejection (suppress input from faulty touches)
- Ultra-high report rate with low power consumption
- Full compliance with Window’s PTP (Precision Time Protocol)
- Abundant Interface Support, including PS2, I2C/HID-I2C

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Capacitive Touch Pads in Keyboards

Capacitive touchpads could be found on portable keyboards to offer light and compact solutions for users who value both mobility and usability.

Touchpads hearted with PixArt’s CFN (Capacitive Finger Navigation) chips are fast in transmission, low in power consumption and are compatible with PTP (Precision Time Protocol). Our customers may choose from implementing their systematic functions from raw data, or enjoying a well-supported developing environment with PixArt’s wide range of pre-defined gesture application libraries.

The latest turnkey solutions that incorporates BLE/2.4G chips with the Touch technology are also available at PixArt. The 2-in-1 total solution package is designed for customers who wish to go through a more efficient implementation cycle with comprehensive connectivity/touch supports.

For more information, please visit the CFN product pages to the left.

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