Gesture Controlled Infotainment System & E-mirror

The in-vehicle infotainment system is playing an increasingly important role in many car releases lately. When look closer into it, one could be amazed about the substantial number of things a driver could do from an infotainment system. From CD players and navigation systems to video players, Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, carputers, call answering and even front view photoshooting (if connected to a dashboard camera system), it is easy to understand why the automotive industry is in need of more advanced control methods to balance infotainment functionality and driving safety.

The traditional controller knobs and dials requires drivers to temporary removing their eyes from the road. As the system becomes much more complex, the time which the driver stares at on the controller may be significantly increased. To overcome the safety issue, PixArt’s Gesture Control technology offers a smart and safe control option that allow drivers to operate their infotainment system with the least distraction.

With a quick learning curve, drivers could easily operate the infotainment system with their fingers and hand movements in the air while keeping their eyes and attentions on the road. PixArt’s Single Object Gesture Control products has a high report rate of up to 240Hz and support up to 10 types of gestures. The Multi-Object Gesture solution further recognize a great number of sophisticated gestures,. All PixArt’s Gesture products are based on infrared LED technology to ensure that the system maintains consistent gesture recognition performance under all types of lighting conditions, even under completely dark environment. Even with its in-built ambient light cancellation mechanism and all the previously mentioned capabilities, our Gesture products still manage to optimize power consumption through our low power design.

PixArt offers various Gesture Control products that complies with AEC-Q100 automotive grade. Please visit the related product pages below for more information.

Navigation Pad on Steering Wheel

When a set of sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment system is almost essential to complete the interior look of premium cars, having a multi-function steering wheel with navigation pad control would certainly help to raise profile in the competition.

The navigation pad technology offers great cursory-like control option for space-constraint interface such as a steering wheel. With multi-direction navigation controls, drivers could toggle between display menu items and give commands to their infotainment system while safely keeping their hands on the steering wheel.

PixArt's Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Sensor technology support free-/2-/4-/8-direction navigation controls to tailor various application needs. For more information about the technology behind, please check up our OFN product pages below.

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