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Sports Action Camera

What else would you need when you have a sports action camera to record every moment of your journey?

When the latest multi-functional sports action cameras hit the market a while ago, they were not only shaking grounds for the conventional DV makers, but leaving many consumers wondering whether they should include these handy devices into their next travel shopping list. These small and easy-to-operate video recording devices can come with powerful waterproofing protection, and can be easily attached to helmets or surfboards to record adventurous moments. Some biker or scooter riders also use them as “dashcam” on a day-to-day basis because they are designed to tolerate tough outdoor conditions and are effortless to carry.

Speaking of performance, there are two essential must-haves for their sensors - high frame rate and low power consumption rate, along with other add-ons such as high resolution and enhanced light sensitivity that determines the overall quality of the video footage taken. By satisfying all these critical factors, you have converged to a set of low-power consuming sensors that provide excellent image clarity even under speedy movement and low light environment – exactly what PrimeSensor has to offer.

PrimeSensor understands how demanding outdoor conditions can get. These sensors are designed with motion detection and low-light sensitivity features to maintain good video quality even under speedy movement or with an unfavorable surrounding light of as low as 0.1 lux. PrimeSensor’s powerful sensors designed for sports action camera applications have high framerate of up to 60fps and power consumption of as low as 77mW. They also come with multi-sensor synchronization, on-chip sign-shot HDR combination and 4-lane MIPI interface to optimize compatibility and flexibility for future implementations.

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Panoramic Cameras

It is not hard to understand why the popularity of panoramic cameras has continued to rise for large-area surveillance in recent years. Instead of purchasing and installing numerous cameras, the emergence of 180-degree and 360-degree panoramic cameras offers a cost effective solution by delivering wide-angled security coverage with one single camera.

There are two major types of technologies behind the panoramic technology – single-sensor cameras and multi-sensors cameras. Single-sensor cameras are sometimes known as the fisheye camera as they deliver convex images through fisheye or panomorphic lens for up to 180 degrees; however, it would require the use of a de-warping software to correct image distortion for better readability. They can come with good resolutions of up to 5MP, and serve general surveillance applications (including parking lots monitoring and detection of visitors flow) with good video quality. For highly demanded monitoring needs that requires detailed images with ultimate clarity and up to 360-degrees of coverage, there are also multi-sensor cameras which capture multiple images simultaneously and then seamlessly stitch them together to form a massive 360-degree panoramic image.

PrimeSensor’s sensors for panoramic purposes support both single-sensor and multi-sensor camera applications well. With in-built multi-sensor frame synchronization capability, good light sensitivity and low-power consumption, there is no doubt that these carefully designed products are ready to wow the market with its high quality panoramic abilities. Taking cost optimization into further account, PrimeSensor’s panoramic-fitted sensors are designed with a perfect optimal aspect ratio of 1:1 – a perfect round-cropping size that make the most out of your sensor perspective.

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USB Cameras

For users demanding high image clarity and featured performance from webcams (e.g. business users to conduct professional video conferencing), an external USB cameras are there to offer instant upgrade to the quality of their video conversations.

Thanks to the widespread plug-and-play technology that allows most webcam devices to install their own drivers, users could enjoy better resolution, bigger lens, easily adjustable views, better light sensitivity as well as other add-on features such as pan, zoom, wide-angle lens and auto-focusing with very little fuss. With the direct user-paid expenditure, more spaces for lens and other electronic parts, and no more compromise for the smallest form factor like built-in webcams do, USB cameras can be designed to achieve as high video standards as possible.

In spite of the various CMOS image sensor products that are available for high-end webcam applications, PrimeSensor has especially designed two highly integrated USB SoC Sensors to facilitate the implementation of small-form-factor modules for our customers.. These USB Video class 2.0 SoC Sensors comes with the in-built ISP, micro-controller, oscillator and 5-GPIO, and support Flash/EEPROM SPI interfaces for maximum compatibility and design convenience.

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