Surveillance & Cameras


CMOS image sensors can be found in a wide range of camera applications, including microscope-mounted cameras. In CMOS technology, each column of the pixel array has its own data-transfer points that helps to achieve high frame rate without compromise on the image quality (e.g. increased image noise). Because of its nature to bear large image data output, CMOS technology is ideal to be applied on high-definition microscope applications.

PixArt's PrimeSensor™ image sensor products leverage our CMOS technology know-how to offer sensors with great image clarity and high definition to the research industry. In addition to having a resolution of up to 5M, our sensors also come with powerful built-in's such as WDR (wide dynamic range) image capturing, local tone mapping and multi-sensor synchronization functionalities.

For more information about PixArt's sensors that are suitable for microscopy applications, please visit the product pages below.

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