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GreenRadio™ Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds

The Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds that adopts the unique GreenRadio™ technology of Audiowise Technology (a PixArt Subsidiary), is utilizing the state-of-the-art functionalities such as dual-ear information sharing, fast role switching and low latency to deliver the ultimate cable-less, free and unrestrained audio experience to its users. With infrastructural designs to reduce power consumption, radiation level and interference, the GreenRadio™ Technology is developed to bring 100% immersiveness and enjoyment without a single worry.

The Truly Wireless solution provided by Audiowise Technology can realize a variety of real-life applications. In addition to making calls, it also support entertainment needs such as listening to music, watching movies, video chatting, audiobook reading, and gaming.

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Bluetooth ANC Headphone/Headsets

Audiowise's unique digital Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology allows users to isolate external noise on metros, trains, airplanes, or in noisy work environments.

To listen to music via headphones in a loud environment, it generally requires to turn up the volume in order to hear clearly. This constitutes a hearing hazard in the long run. With the digital ANC technology, Audiowise's is able to offer a hearing protection solution to a wide range of commuters and workers who need to stay in a noisy environment for a long time - to delivers clear music in noisiness without having to increase the volume of the headphone.

Audiowise also provides Ambient Sound Hearing Through and Beam Forming technology that allow users to enjoy the music yet still be aware of the abrupt sounds or colleague talks in the surroundings. Further with the help of instant two-way voice translation function, barrierless communication becomes within reach any where, any time.

Personal Hearable Device

Through the combination of Audiowise's personal audio adjustment technology and the auditory measurement app, the audio output of a headphone can be adjusted according to each user's auditory result. This proactive hearing compensation is developed to deliver fascinating musical experiences to its users.

To name more, Audiowise's latest auxiliary audio function can connect hearing-aid devices with smart phones. This cutting-edge function helps to remove the boundary of sound transmission among different devices, and is able to transform hearing-aid devices into some sleek smart wireless Bluetooth headset within seconds. Similar hearing device applications can also be integrated with health monitoring sensors for better life well being.

Never say never when it comes to accessibility, perfect sound quality and music enjoyment with Audiowise.

Bluetooth Stereo Headphone/Headsets

The audio system chips of Audiowise Technology, available in QFN and BGA packages, have the tiny form factors to fit in all devices. They are especially designed to serve a variety of wireless stereo headsets including sports in-ear, head-mounted and earmuffs.

Through the unique 3D ring enhancement and the high quality digital audio processing technology, Audiowise's audio system chips are able to highlight abrupt sounds that come from instruments, vocals, dubbing, drums and even footsteps. By reproducing the direction of the sound source and achieving various virtual reality effects, users will feel as if they are right there in the scene.

Audiowise further delivers the ultra-low latency technology to enhance the detail of sound effects and soundtracks, and works to expand and deepen the sound fields for added fidelity - all for indulging users to an immersive and unparalleled audio experience.

Smart Audio Device

By combining voice assistants or health monitoring sensors with voice devices (e.g. wireless headsets or speakers) developed using Audiowise's audio system single-chip that regularly upload data to the Cloud, users are able to track their long-term health status and even obtain related alerts via their audio devices. This type of integrated application dramatically expands the capabilities of a single device, and helps to extend the next generation of intelligent voice and health management devices to every corner of life.

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