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TOK Function in Mobile Phones/ Keyboard

The Touch-on-Keyboard (TOK) technology is a perfect hybrid of touchpad and keyboard that allow users to perform cursory navigation on keyboard surfaces. This type of eye-catching input device utilizes both physical keyboard and intuitive touch-control support to boost work efficiency and user experience.

PixArt’s TOK solution is able to detect various types of finger movements across the keyboard and quickly respond to them as if receiving cursory instructions. The TOK chip could detect finger gestures including cursor, swiping, scrolling, and enable two-finger and three-finger commands such as zooming, dragging items across the screen or show desktop/home.

PixArt’s TOK sensor supports ultimately high report rate of over 140Hz with dynamic resolution from 150 to 1200cpi, and is low in power consumption (5mA in tracking mode, 100μA in sleep mode and 7μA in shutdown mode). The built-in algorithm is so powerful that it could support a keyboard with thickness of up to 3mm, and is therefore capable of providing physical reinforcement for those who wish to deliver functionality, reliability and durability at the same time. The TOK technology could also be deployed on applications such as mobile phones, laptops keyboards, smart remote controllers or any devices that require both button and touch inputs.

For more information, please visit the TOK product page below.

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