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Tracking on Human Skin

Beauty and personal care electronic products such as hair removal and skin treatment devices are getting more popular nowadays. With a little help from PixArt's OTS (Optical Tracking Sensor) technology, adding a simple touch of intelligence to our daily routines has never been easier.

Developing an application that involves human skin tracking is usually considered challenging because human skins are not utterly flat. However, with PixArt's state-of-the-art OTS sensor, it is no longer a daunting and stressful task. PixArt's skin-trackable OTS products can track human skins in diversified tones and conditions, including fair skin, dark skin, hairy skin, and oily skin. With the low-power design, the OTS sensor is also ideal for battery-operated handheld applications.

The OTS sensor outputs dual-axis movement data to report on the x- and y- relative displacement, direction, and speed of the moving device, which can be passed to the external host microcontroller for the subsequent system actions. The reported information can serve as feedback for end-user behaviors that can facilitate further system optimizations such as speed alert, auto power calibration, and limiting the device's certain function if no movement has been detected.

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