Ambient Light & Proximity Sensing

PixArt's Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor (ALS/PS) incorporates two needs into one compact module. The ALS/PS module supports ambient light and proximity sensing functionalities at the same time, while consumes little power of 90μA in operating mode and less than 0.5μA in suspension mode. To reinforce accurate detection, all PixArt’s ALS/PS module comes with 50Hz/60Hz de-flicker feature, IR rejection and dedicate interrupt pin. 
The proximity sensing function is highly sensitive and ultimately fast in response (minimum report period only 1.66ms), with in-built algorithm that helps to cancel unwanted ambient noise. The ambient light sensing feature support accurate lux readout under a wide range of light condition to as low as 24k lux (with minimum resolution of 1 lux/code).
There are two ALS/PS products available from PixArt - the IR LED incorporated (PAC7673EE) version, or the non-LED (PAC7672OM) version. The PAC7673EE model is integrated with an IR LED light and the proximity detection distance is up to 200mm. The non-LED PAC7672OM sensor, in order to achieve the smallest form factor, is developed into a tiny OPLGA package (1.59mm x 2.1mm x 1.0mm) that is ready to be designed into any sizes of devices or wearables.
Ambient Light & Proximity Sensing Products
Part No. Function
Package Size
IR LED built-in
Proximity Detection Distance
Operation Power
Sleep Mode Power
More Information
More Info
200 (90% white card)
Not recommended for new design. Please contact PixArt for details.
1.59*2.1*1.0 OPLGA
Depend on LED add-on
Not recommended for new design. Please contact PixArt for details.