Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

PixArt’s Bluetooth series not only comply with the international Bluetooth Low Energy standards, they are designed to serve our customers’ best interests in every way.
In order for our customers to work with as much FLASH memory spaces as possible, we have embedded most of our Bluetooth protocols in hardwire and ROM. This frees up a majority of the precious FLASH memory that could be later utilized by our customers for firmware storage.
Through years of experience and dedication in the IC design field, our Bluetooth products have undergone comprehensive optimization and hundreds of compatibility tests to reinforce their connectivity with a wide range of Bluetooth host devices. To fulfill the broadening low-power Bluethooth applications, we will continue to research, develop and release Bluethooth products with diversified specifications to increase our customers’ selectivity for better performed and cost effective Bluetooth chips.
Bluetooth Low Energy
Part No. Wireless Protocol
CPU Type
System Clock
Operating Voltage
More Info
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
ARM Cortex-M0
Flash: 128kB / SRAM: 80kB
UART, SPI Master, I2C Master, PWM, AES, RNG, ADC, Quad. Decoder
Buck: 1.9~3.6 / Boost: 0.9~1.65
QFN-48; 6mm*6mm