• High-end gaming integrated chip in 16-pin molded lead‐frame DIP package
  • Designed to deliver high speed, high accuracy and high resolution gaming experience
  • Contains navigation chip and infrared LED
  • With self‐adjusting variable frame rate algorithm to enable wireless gaming application
  • Selectable lift detection height
  • To be used with PixArt’s LM19-LSI lens for optimum performance
Package Type 16-PDIP
Operating Voltage (V) 1.8-2.1
Run Current (mA) 23.4
Tracking Speed (ips) >250
Acceleration (g) 50
Resolution (cpi) 12,000
Frame Rate (fps) 12,000
Lift Cutoff (mm) <2mm, 2/3mm (Programmable)
Interface 4-wire SPI
Light Source Infrared LED (integrated)
Resolution Error (%)