PAA3905E1-Q is an optical motion tracking chip designed for motion tracking and to stabilize hovering drones. The working concept is based on optical navigation technology to measure the changes in direction and magnitude of movement (delta x and delta y). It has a wide working range from 80mm to infinity and is ideal for far-field tracking applications. One of the key benefits of this chip, is the ability to function in a very low light condition, i.e. 5 lux. The chip can automatically switch to 3 different modes, depending on the brightness of the environment.

Utilizing its Digital Signal Processing System (DSPS), the PAA3905E1-Q chip does not require any telecommunication signals to process the XY positioning. Hence, it is capable of providing XY positioning in any environment, including GPS-denied areas.

  • Wide working distance from 80mm to infinity
  • No focal length calibration required
  • Auto detection of challenging conditions, such as checker boards, stripes, glossy surface and yawing
  • 16-bit motion data output with motion detect pin output
  • Internal oscillator
  • Frame Capture via register read is available
  • Low power consumption
  • Support synchronized multi-chip operation
  • Automatic switching of Operation Mode
  • Smaller Form Factor LGA 12-pins package of 4 x 5 x 3 mm with new lens assembly
  • To be used with PixArt’s L242-ZSZ1 lens for optimum performance
Package Type 12-pin LGA
Package Size (mm) 4*5*3
Power Consumption @run mode 3.5mA
Working Range (mm) 80 up to infinity
Low Light Performance (lux) >5
Max. Speed 7.4 rad/s
View Angle 42 degrees