• Support on-chip HDR Image Control: HDR ImgSyn mode & DOL mode (can be manually switched according to the environment)
  • Support boot-up Fast Auto-Exposure (FAE) function
  • Support Smart Motion Detection (SMD) function
  • SMD ROI (Region of Interest) window
  • Low-power architecture
  • Belongs to the PrimeSensorTM series of PixArt
Optical Format 1/2.7"
Pixel Size (μm) 3.0*3.0
Resolution (pixel) 1920*1080
Max. Frame Rate 1928x1088 Linear@60fps; 1928x1088 HDR@30fps; 1928x1088 DOL@30fps
Output Format 14-bit Linear HDR-RAW RGB (12-bit/10-bit Companded HDR-RAW RGB); 10-bit Linear DOL-RAW RGB; 10-bit Linear RAW RGB
Interface DVP(Parallel), MIPI
Power Consumption ● MIPI interface: 78mW@1080p30, 99mW@HDR 1080p30, 96mW@DOL 1080p30 ● DVP interface w/o I/O: 59.3mW@1080p30, 77.1mW@HDR 1080p30 ● SMD mode: < 200uW
Package CSP-50
Application IoT & Battery-Powered Wireless Cameras / HD-CCTV Camera / IP Camera / DashCam / Smart Doorbell / Smart Rearview Mirrors