• High-speed motion tracking of up to 5m/s
  • Reports accurate dual-axis motion data with a typical tracking error rate of 1~3%
  • Excellent tracking performance on glossy surfaces, including stainless steel and aluminum
  • Provides flexible design possibilities, with a wide working range of 5mm~50mm (surface-dependant)
  • Compact LGA package with integrated light source
Supply Voltage (V) VDD: 1.8~2.1; VDD_VCSEL: 2.8~3.3
Interface Voltage (V) VDDIO: 1.8~3.3
Power Consumption (mA) Typ. 16.5
Shutdown Current (μA) Typ. 4
Repeated Accuracy Error at Nominal Height 3%
Communication 4-Wire SPI @4MHz
Resolution 20000 CPI
Tracking Speed 5m/s
Package Type 16-pin LGA
Package Size (mm) 6.0*6.0*1.35
Working Distance to Tracking Surface 5~50mm
System Package to Surface 0 degree
Light Source Wavelength (nm) 850
PA No. of Pairing Lens No lens required
Paper Float Function N/A
Integrated Yes (VCSEL)
Tracking Surfaces Glossy & semi-glossy hard surfaces, diffuse surfaces (lower tracking speed)