• USB1.1 full speed SoC mouse chip
  • Optimized for red LED-based wired PC mouse application
  • High speed motion detection capability of up to velocity of 48 inches/sec and acceleration of 10g
  • With 12 programmable versatile buttons, wide range of CPI resolution selection and programmable red, green and blue LED indicator to match with each CPI resolutions
  • Built-in OTP memory to store customized configurations
Package Type 14-DIP
Operating Voltage (V) 4.25-5.25
Run Current (mA) 10
Tracking Speed (ips) 48
Acceleration (g) 10
Resolution (cpi) 4,200
Frame Rate (fps) 4,000
Lift Cutoff (mm) -
Interface USB1.1 (Full speed)
Light Source Red LED (discrete)
Resolution Error (%)

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