PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)

  • Compliant with AEC-Q100 automotive standards
  • The complete Multi-Object Gesture Recognition ISP SoC solution
  • Generate real-time data output for the finger/palm position, size and brightness of the hand
  • Produce hand contour output instead of the entire hand image
  • Support operating distance up to 40cm
Type Sensor Module + ISP SoC
Function Multi-Object Gesture
Package Size (mm) Sensor Module: 6*13.2*3.8 / ISP SoC: QFN 6*6
Sensor Array (pixel) 320*240
Report Rate (Hz) 90
Max. Distance (cm) 40
Supported Gestures (No. of Types) Over 20
Cursor Mode Yes
FSYNC Function Yes
Operate in Dark Yes (with external LED)
Thickness Tolerance of Cover (mm) 1.8 (ref. design)
Interface Sensor: H-Parallel; ISP SoC: I2C/SPI/USB1.1
AEC-Q100 Compliant Yes