• Support both ambient light sensing and proximity sensing capabilities
  • Accurate lux readout under different circumstance light
  • Output code directly proportional to lux
  • 50 Hz/60 Hz de-flicker ability and infrared light rejection
  • Detectable up to 24k lux with minimal resolution 1 Lux/code
  • With ambient noise cancellation function when applied on proximity sensing
Function ALS/PS
Package Size (mm) 1.59*2.1*1.0 OPLGA
IR LED built-in No
Proximity Detection Distance (mm) Depend on LED add-on
Dynamic Range for ALS (Lux) 24K (1 code 1 lux)
Operation Power (µA) 82
Sleep Mode Power (µA) <0.5
Interface I2C (up to 400kHz)