• Full compliance with Bluetooth v5.0 EDR/BLE dual mode truly wireless stereo audio SoC
  • BGA-42 4x4mm package for tiny Bluetooth truly wireless stereo earbuds
  • Patented GeendRadio™ Stereo (GRS) technology: share technology, fast role switch, low latency, lower radiation, low-power, anti-interference
  • High quality audio: support SBC/mSBC, AAC, 10-band equalizer, 3D surround, dual-mic noise cancellation
  • Built-in li-ion battery charger: charging current up to 400mA
  • This product is provided by PixArt's subsidiary - Audiowise Technology Inc.
Package & Size BGA-42; 4x4 mm
Core Bluetooth Specification 5.0
GreenRadio™ Stereo Support GRS 1.0
Active Noise Cancellation N/A
Speaker Driver Channels 1
Microphone Channels 2x AMIC, 2x DMIC
I2C/SPI/I2S Peripherals 1 / - / -
Audiowise Technology Inc., a part of the PixArt Group, is a professional wireless audio SoC chip design house and provider. You could easily get in contact with Audiowise's product consultants through one of our "SUPPORT" forms on this website.