Gaming Controllers

Reality Game Controller

Motion-sensing video gaming controllers have gained great popularity and publicity since they first hit the market, as it allow users to simulate actual game actions in an all-encompassing way. Unlike conventional joysticks, this new type of video game control utilizes the optical motion sensing technology to accurately capture complex motion of the player’s hand-held controller during the game, and allow players to interact with and manipulate items on screen through the controller.

This is how it works. The infrared light emitted from the hand-held controller device is captured by the motion tracking sensor and transmitted to the game station. When player moves the controller device during the game, the infrared light will also move responsively, allowing players to mimic as if they are using their in-game weapons or tools (e.g. sword, tennis racquet, fishing rod, etc.). Such interactivity creates a greater sense of immersivity, involvement and fun.

This fascinating gaming application is highly achievable through PixArt’s MOT (Multiple Objects Tracking) technology. PixArt’s MOT technology could adjust according to the need of the game, and provides a wide 143 degrees of FOV (Field of view) and identifies up to 16 infrared light sources at the same time. The motion sensors detect and return various information about the moving object, including its center coordinate, size, boundary and brightness. As comparing with our competitors’ products, PixArt’s MOT technology offers low power consumption and high tracking speed, and the outstanding detection capabilities through uncompromised precision and accuracy.

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Gesture-Controlled AR/VR/MR Games

The reality systems, including Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR), are computer-generated environments that replicate a scenario or situation. Through the deployment of headsets, earphones, and generally hand-held control devices and simulation of visual, sound, and interactive inputs, the system offers an immersive experience to its gamers like never imagined before. Technical-wise, the gaming system is a perfect reflection of today’s most advanced sensory technologies. From sophisticated detection algorithms, accurate movement recognition, high report rate to filtration mechanism for ambient interference, the sensor industry is challenging itself to fulfill the worldwide reality game needs.

In the pursuit of even more intuitive and immersive human-machine interaction, many reality game creators are setting eyes on hand-gesture technology as the inevitable trend in the next generation of gaming. A gesture-controllable reality gaming system allows gamers to use their actual hands to manipulate virtual objects during the game. By building in a high-quality gesture module like PixArt's Multi-Object Gesture Sensor in the gaming system, gamers no longer need to deal with the extra hand-mounted devices that may limit their ‘sense of reality throughout the game.

PixArt's Multi-Object Gesture sensor with diversified finger/palm/hand gesture recognition capability, allows additional gestures to be defined according to customers’ application needs. With a high report rate, the infrared-based sensor module can accurately detect dynamic gesture movement and commands from a distance of 5cm to 40cm under any light conditions. The module also comes with the contouring feature that computes output as hand contours rather than the full-color image to maximize detection accuracy and efficiency. In consideration of implementation flexibility, the modules are built to return real-time information upon the detected object, including its gesture interruption and result data, coordinates, size, brightness, rotation angles, and palm position. Once again it is never easier to underpin your innovatory projects from PixArt's high quality and well-supported sensor chips.

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