Far Infrared Sensor

PixArt's FIR (Far Infrared) sensing technology mainly detects far-infrared heat radiation with a wavelength in the range of 5~15um. By converting energy into temperature through its algorithm, the FIR sensor is able to contactlessly measure the temperature of objects, making it suitable to be applied in a wide variety of day-to-day temperature sensing applications.

PixArt's FIR products not only detect heat radiation sources, but can be customized to compensate temperature variation according to customers' target application to boost accuracy. The SoC is capable of writing the calibrated temperature parameter value of the detected object into its memory that can later be directly read and converted to temperature throughout the application, which is conducive to simplifying our customers' subsequent system polling process.
Far Infrared Sensor Products
Part No. Application Type
Package Type & Size
Operating Current
Object Temperature Sensing Range
Object Temperature Sensing Accuracy
Operating Temperature
More Info
Single point
CLCC 16-pin; 6x6x1.75
-20 to 150°C
±0.5°C @ To: 10 to 45°C/Ta: 10 to 45°C
-20 to 85°C
64-pixel array
CLCC 32-pins; 8x8x3.85
-20 to 380°C
±1°C @ To: 30 to 40°C (Ta: 15 to 40°C)
-20 to 85 °C