Investor FAQ

Who are PixArt's major shareholders ?

    Shareholder's Name            Shareholding 
                       Common Shares  %
HSBC Bank in Custody for Merrill Lynch
International Investment Account         4,749,504  3.41%
Hsun Chieh Investment Co., Ltd.          3,940,000  2.83%
New Labor Pension Fund              3,206,000  2.30%
Sen-Huang Huang                3,055,717   2.19%
Yuan Ting Investment Co., Ltd.          2,100,000   1.51%
Vanguard Total International Stock Index
Fund, a series of Vanguard Star Funds       1,868,804   1.34%
China Trust in custody of PixArt Inc. of
employee stock trust account           1,768,704   1.27%
HSBC Bank in Custody for Morgan Stanley
& Co. International Plc Account           1,757,816   1.26%
Old Labor Pension Fund               1,680,000  1.20%
United Microelectronics Corp.           1,600,000   1.15%
Note: The data shown above was recorded on April 14, 2020, which was
   the book closure date for 2020 Annual General Meeting.

How many common shares from PixArt have been issued?

PixArt has issued 141,554,556 common shares.

What is PixArt's dividend history?

PixArt's dividend history can be found in the Investor/Shareholder Services section.

Who is PixArt's common share transfer agent?

PixArt's common share transfer agent is Horizon Securities.
Address: 3F, No. 236 Sec. 4, Hsin-I Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-2326-8818

Where can I find PixArt's financial information?

In addition to the website of Market Observation Post System (, the information can also be found in the Investor/Financials section on our website

What is PixArt's fiscal year?

From 1st. Jan. to 31st . Dec.

What stock exchange market is PixArt traded on? What is PixArt's stock code?

PixArt was listed on the Taipei Exchange Market on May 4, 2006 under the code 3227.

When was PixArt incorporated?

PixArt was incorporated on July 13, 1998 in Hsin-chu city and was approved to move into Hsinchu Science Park on May, 1999.