Multiple Objects Tracking

PixArt's Multiple Objects Tracking (MOT) products come as a highly integrated module that contains an optical lens, a 850nm band-pass filter, a high quality 98 x 98 pixels CMOS image sensor and an image processor. The module is developed with advanced algorithms to track the dynamics of up to 16 targeted objects that emit infrared radiation (IR) lights, and returns their relative data for further exploitation including the object(s)'s displacement in x- and y- coordinates, surface area, brightness, radius, range, boundary, aspect ratio and vector.

PixArt provides two types of MOT sensing modules according to customers’ application requirements. The PAJ7025R2 is capable of identifying objects up to 7 meters away, while PAJ7025R3 offers a wide FOV (Field of view) of up to 143 degrees. Both sensors support programmable exposure-gain control and adopts global shutter scanning mode to achieve better motion tracking result in real-time, while maintaining a high frame rate of up to 200fps. The IR detection mechanism reinforces accurate tracking under all ambient light conditions, allowing modules to perform with full functionality for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Multi-Object Tracking Products
Part No. Working Distance
Package Size
Sensor Array
Field of View
Coordinate Resolution
Pixel Size
More Info
12.2 * 4.0 * 9.85
98 * 98
52.2 degrees
11 * 11
11.15 * 5.36 * 10.85
98 * 98
141 degrees
11 * 11