Employee Wellness Programs

We believe that employee welfare and health is an important part of corporate wealth. Since establishment, PixArt is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment to all employees by maintaining a safe and ergonomic-friendly workplace, conducting Employee Health Management programs and complying with related government regulations.
In order to satisfy regulation requirements, risk management needs and employee welfare support at the same time, PixArt not only recruit an in-house occupational health nurse but we also provide employees the opportunity to hold individual consultation sessions with on-site GP Doctors every month. Events and seminars relating to healthier body and mind are held to promote beneficial lifestyles and improve the overall well-being of employees and their families.


Employee Health Management

Corporate-paid health check-ups in PixArt include more inspections than what is required by the government. Employees are covered by additional check-up items including cancer screening, ultrasound inspection in two additional areas, antigen and antibodies for hepatitis A/B/C and haemoglobin A1c. By providing more checkup items, employees are able to gain early health awareness, detect hazardous factors and take necessary action in advance. Employee health check reports are classified by the in-house nurse and employees are given professional health guidance and adjustment to their job duties if required.

Since 2013, line managers’ spouses are also eligible for free check-ups paid by PixArt as an acknowledgement to their great contribution in supporting their devoted other-half at work.


Anti-Epidemic Monitoring, Control and Management

New epidemic diseases are discovered at a faster pace owning to the changes in our ecosystem and stronger adaptation of some microorganisms. Fail to control and prevent epidemic diseases may cause significant harm to our employee’s health and the operation.

When there are spread of influenza or infectious diseases around the world, information regarding infection trends, potential workplace exposure risks and prevention activities are studied and shared to employees. Since 2007, PixArt provides corporate-paid influenza vaccinations to employees and was proudly awarded “Anti-Epidemic Pioneer Award” and “Comprehensive Anti-Epidemic Award” by institute of TIVS (Taiwan Immunization Vision and Strategy).
To raise day-to-day health awareness and enhance the overall well-being of employees and their beloved families, employees are constantly updated with the latest medical and healthcare news and topics.



Healthy Diet

Promote Healthy Diet

Employees at PixArt are provided with diversified and healthy-cooked meals during working hours. Catering service providers are selected and assessed rigorously for their safety standards; PixArt strictly prohibits the addition of MSG or illegal additives to any cooked meals. Each day, employees may check out what they are going to be served. All dishes are given a color grade according to their level of calories and nutrients for quick recognition and selection of healthier foods. Food safety related news and topics are constantly tracked and applied to ensure that our employees are in good hands when it comes to healthy eating.

On-Site General Practitioner Services

In order to protect employees from occupational hazards and to comply with regulatory requirements, PixArt introduces preventive management programs relating to work-induced brain and cardiovascular system diseases, maternal health protection and ergonomics control. The programs are co-developed by PixArt’s on-site GP, in-house nurse and Occupational Health Nurses whose aim is to identify health risks and to provide consultation sessions and health tracking according to employees’ health needs.

PixArt further co-operate with National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch to provide on-site GP services for employees’ well-being. Employees are encouraged to utilize the one-on-one session to discuss about their health issues, or to understand their health check results.


Healthy Diet

Ergonomic-Friendly Work Environment and Massage Service

PixArt knows and cares about employee’s potential musculoskeletal disorders from working long hours at office desks. In 2016, all chairs in PixArt were replaced with ergonomic office chairs to minimize the risk of backache or other posture related occupational hazards for employees. During annual health checks, our Occupational Health Nurse conducts self-evaluation surveys for each employees’ level of comfort. If any issues are identified we will undertake further studies to investigate high risk groups, track employee health status, identify ergonomic hazards in the office and develop improvement plans.
For the relaxation of mind and body and increasing job opportunities for the disadvantaged group, PixArt offers on-site massage services (by visually-impaired massage therapists) to employees.

Maternal Health Protection

PixArt developed female health and protection management plans to protect female employees who are pregnant or preparing for pregnancy. Risk analysis are conducted to identify job duties that could be harmful and could only be assigned to pregnant or prepare-to-pregnant employees when approved by on-site General Practitioner after one-on-one evaluation sessions.


Health Activities

Health Activities

Healthy activity topics at PixArt varies from year to year, generally depending on the result of health checks and employees’ interest surveys. So far PixArt has held health activities such as a weight loss club, health related seminars, blood donation, pap smear for women, oral cancer screening and Hepatitis A vaccination. Hopefully the activities are able to raise health awareness of employees and their families that leads to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Recreational Sports and Competitions

All PixArt employees are entitled to enjoy our various sport facilities including gymnasium, basketball field, badminton field, table tennis field and cardio classroom. Sport groups such as basketball group, badminton group and yoga groups are established to encourage employees building regular exercises habits for more balanced bodies and minds. Basketball and badminton competitions are held year-round to promote corporate morale and strengthen bonds among employees.



Healthy Diet

Employee Assistance Programs

To encourage employees seeking help and support when needed, PixArt works with external counselling associations to provide professional and free-of-charge counselling services on-site. Session topics are at employees’ own discretion that may cover family, emotions, social networking, work or more. Employees’ family members may also join the session together if required by the counsellor. All discussions will remain confidential.