Autonomous Navigation

Drone Stabilization

The Optical Motion Tracking (OMT) technology of PixArt provides far field motion tracking ideal for drone application. It reports x- and y-axis motion information of a moving object even at low light condition while continues to synchronize sensor operation at high frame rate, making it ideal for drone stabilization functions.

The conventional gyroscope sensors that are found on nearly every drones may offer great motion detection based on the objects’ acceleration. They are capable of reporting movement status based on the change to the objects’ flying speed or tilt angles. However, when a drone experiences minor shift from strong wind or engine abnormality at constant speed, its gyroscope sensor may fail to identify the relative movements - this is when the drone stabilizing OMT sensors will add value as it is able to detect minor movement at constant speed.

The size of the OMT sensor product is designed to be compact with low power consumption, without compromising performance. Every OMT sensor comes with high frame rate to support accurate and fast tracking with a maximum speed of up to 7.4 rad/s, and support a wide working range from 80mm to infinity. The built-in oscillator requires no clock input, and no lens focusing is required during lens mounting process, making implementation work a lot easier for our customers.

For more information about our OMT products for drone stabilization, please visit our OMT product pages below.

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