Smart Homes, Offices & Classrooms

AIOT Low-Power Smart Detection

With the ubiquitous presence of the internet in homes, controlling smart home devices through smartphones has become increasingly common over the last decade. New AIoT-enabled devices, such as home appliances, lighting, security cameras, doorbells, and door locks, are quickly entering the market to enhance the convenience of our lives.

With convenience, the need for automation arises. The sensing capability has become a crucial component of all AIoT devices, enabling them to comprehend their surroundings, make decisions, and provide appropriate responses.

With over twenty years of leadership in the consumer applications of low-power optical sensors, PixArt is committed to expanding a range of products for ultra-low-power sensors to meet the needs of AIoT devices in the home and industrial automation sectors. As we have noticed, there has been a subtle evolution where AIoT devices are gradually transitioning from initially being connected to power sources to a new generation of AIoT consumer electronics that operate at the edge. This convenience allows AIoT devices to be placed wherever needed, unrestricted by the location of power outlets.

To adapt to these technological advancements, PixArt has designed a series of Global Shutter Image Sensors that provide intelligent sensing capabilities with extremely low power consumption, serving as the indispensable "eyes" of AIoT systems. Taking a battery-powered camera as an example, by using PixArt's Global Shutter Image Sensor, which effectively reduces false detections, the camera can accurately determine the appropriate startup time during standby, reduce the frequency of unnecessary activations, and extend the system's battery life.

Smart Home Appliances

Imagine this: the air conditioner automatically turns on as soon as you enter the room. You want to save on your electricity bill but dislike direct blowing, so the air conditioner keeps its airflow a meter away from you as you move around the room. When you leave for shopping, the air conditioner immediately switches to sleep mode. While in the grocery store, you connect to your fridge via your mobile phone to check what you have at home before deciding what to buy for the week.

Smart home appliances and AIoT are designed to make everyone's lives easier and more comfortable. Many of their core functions, however, rely on reliable surveillance cameras.

PixArt's PrimeSensor™ CMOS Image Sensor SoC products are perfectly suitable to be integrated into smart appliances. These products have small form factors and come with full-function ISP processors to support various smart home and AIoT applications. The 1/9" VGA YUV grade SoC sensors are cost-effective yet come with exceptional quality and detection capabilities.

An all-inclusive AIoT system requires different sensors and cameras to support diversified applications, and the comprehensive PrimeSensor™ CMOS Image Sensor product line is here to provide low-power, high-performance services to fulfill your goals.

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Toy Cameras

As more affordable home-use image sensor applications become available, it's no wonder that toy cameras have remained at the top of children's most-wanted gift lists in recent years—they are precious memory-capturing tools that reflect our little ones' world.

To participate in meaningful moments of joy and laughter, PixArt's PrimeSensor™ series offers digital SoC sensors for toy camera applications in small chip sizes and cost-effective structures. These SoCs come with fully integrated ISP processors that aim to create a smooth and efficient journey from cost evaluation to project implementation and into the hands of children.

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