PAJ6100U6 is available in OpenMV for evaluation and development purposes. PixArt will provide the Firmware and all related reference documents, to enable our developers/customers to operate the  PAJ6100U6 OpenMV Shield on the Open H7 platform. The PAJ6100U6 OpenMV Shield is available through your local sales representative. 

The firmware to enable the PAJ6100 on OpenMV H7 is available on Github. Click on the links below to access the releases and source codes.
Source Codes:
PixArt's aspiration to enable always-on low power computer vision in future IoT devices, is further reinforced by its introduction of PAJ6100U6 - the first complete camera solution with ultra-low-power (ULP) global shutter sensor and reflowable optics.

PAJ6100U6 is comprised of a low-power global shutter QVGA sensor with a 90-degree (diagonal) FOV reflowable optical lens. This camera module facilitates automated pick-and-place high-volume manufacturing capacity. And most importantly, it eliminates the supply chain hassles that many have traditionally gone through, to yield a ULP camera solution.

This solution, the first or many, is targeted for ULP always-on type of applications, where it can act as a trigger or a sensory input to a more complex decision-making tree in computer vision. Its ability to operate in ULP mode allows it to be used in any devices where visualization is an important mean to the understanding the surrounding contexts, for the delivery of smarter trigger mechanism and decision-making capabilities in a continuous manner.
  • QVGA Global Shutter Sensor
  • Ultra low power
  • Binning and Skipping modes
  • ROI (Region of Interest) functionality
  • Designed with reflowable optics
  • Highly integrated design
Type Camera Module
Package Type 26-pin LGA
Package Dimension (mm) 4.1*3.9*2.1
Lens FOV 90 degrees
Resolution (Array Size) QVGA (320x240)
Pixel Size (µm) 3.0
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Max. Frame Rate 30fps
Avg. Operating Power Consumption 1,400µW@30fps QGA; 500µW@30fps QQVGA
Interface Pixel Data: Parallel 8-bit; Register Control: 4-wire SPI
Dynamic Range 54dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Max. 40dB
Supply Voltage VDD33: 3.3V; VDD18: 1.8V; VDDIO: 1.8V (1.2V)