• Provides object and motion detection system solution under the lowest power consumption
  • Supports image input in FHD, HD, VGA and QVGA formats
  • Embedded with Hard-Wired Deep Learning engine
  • Built-in with PixArt's proprietary Human/Face detection algorithm
  • Embedded MCU to optimize flow control and power management
  • Supports color ISP function
  • Supports JPEG encoding and output
We provide an evaluation board that integrates three sensors across PixArt's three different product lines: PAG7681LS (Low-Power Intelligent Object Detection), PAF9701C1 (Far Infrared Sensor), and PAG7920LT (Global Shutter Image Sensor). Together, this powerful 3-in-1 evaluation board can deliver series of automated thermal-detection functionalities, including detecting the presence of human beings in the target area, identifying human faces (with mask information), and measuring their forehead temperature.

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3-in-1 Evaluation Board
Type ISP SoC
Function Motion detection, human/face detection
Package Size (mm) WLCSP: 4.58*4.58
Report Rate (Hz) 15
Control Interface I2C, SPI
Image Output Parallel 8-bit, JPEG
Power Consumption under Suspend Mode (Typ.) <100uW
Power Consumption under Human Sensing Mode (Typ.) <1mW/fps
Power Consumption under Human Detection Mode (Typ.) <6mW/fp