• Advanced optical design with blue LED to minimize skin penetration
  • Outstanding tracking performance on curvature or soft surfaces
  • Wide working range of 8.8mm~16.8mm
  • Fast tracking speed of up to 25cm/s
  • With programmable low-power mode that lengthens battery life
  • Ideal for skin surface-tracking applications, including beauty apparatus, IPL therapy equipment, and skin treatment equipment
Supply Voltage (V) VDD: 3.1~3.6
Interface Voltage (V) VDDIO: 3.1~3.6
Power Consumption (mA) Typ. 10
Shutdown Current (μA) Typ. 15
Repeated Accuracy Error at Nominal Height 10%
Communication 3-wire SPI
Resolution 400 count/cm
Tracking Speed 25cm/s
Package Type CSP
Package Size (mm) 11.21*5.8*5.4 (with LED and lens)
Working Distance to Tracking Surface 8.8~16.8mm
System Package to Surface 0 degree
Light Source Wavelength (nm) 460~475
PA No. of Pairing Lens LST0-2591
Paper Float Function N/A
Integrated No
Tracking Surfaces skin and leather