• Highly integrated chip with 2.4GHz RF, MCU and optical mouse sensor
  • DC-to-DC integrated
  • Low power consumption design that is suitable for wireless mouse application
  • Designed to pair up with USB dongle that uses PAR2402 (2.4GHz wireless receiver chip) to form a complete 2.4GHz optical wireless mouse system
  • Accurate motion estimation over wide range of surfaces
  • With adaptive frame rate control for extra power saving during motion
  • Support up to eight buttons (L, M, R, CPI, B4, B5, TL, TR) and three axes (X, Y, Z)
  • Support up to two LED indicators for Power/CPI/Low battery detection
CPU Type 8051 Microprocessor
Memory OTP 16kB
Tracking Speed (ips) 34
Acceleration (g) 10
Resolution (cpi) 3200
Frame Rate (fps) 2400
RX Sensitivity (dBm) -91
TX Output Power (dBm) +4/0
Operating Voltage (V) 0.9~3.6
Package LGA-36; 6mm*6.5mm
Frequency Band (MHz) 2405~2474
Optical Lens L028-LSI
Operating Temperature (°C) 0~+40
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