• Low power consumption
  • Resolution: from approx. 5cpi to 1275cpi, or 630 counts/rev (based on 1mm diameter shaft)
  • Ultimately wide working range of 0.5mm~10mm (on stainless steel)
  • Position sensing support
  • SMT reflowable 8-pin LGA integrated with VCSEL LASER die
  • Requires no optical lens
  • Suitable for digital rotary input on smart watches, fine resolution input selectors and smart dials
Supply Voltage (V) VDD: 2.1~3.3; VDD: 1.7~1.9
Interface Voltage (V) VLD: 2.7~3.3
Power Consumption (mA) Typ. 0.7 with VCSEL
Shutdown Current (μA) Typ. 5
Repeated Accuracy Error at Nominal Height ~10% @ stainless steel
Communication I2C
Resolution Flat surface: up to 1275 CPI; ɸ1.0mm shaft (count/rev): 630
Tracking Speed 10ips (0.5~3mm); 30ips (>3~30mm)
Package Type LGA 8-pin
Package Size (mm) 3.50*3.20*0.65
Working Distance to Tracking Surface Min.: 0.5mm, Max.: 30mm @ stainless steel
System Package to Surface 0 degree
Light Source Wavelength (nm) 850
PA No. of Pairing Lens No lens required
Paper Float Function No
Integrated Yes (VCSEL)
Tracking Surfaces Glossy surface