• Mutual-type touch button controller in QFN20 4mmx4mm package
  • Support touch buttons (max. 36 keys) and slide bars
  • Low power consumption (touch wake-up <20μA; operation mode <200μA)
  • High sensitivity (support glove touch for <6mm acrylic or <10mm glass surfaces)
  • Water and oil immunity
  • Easy BOM management - requires only 2 external capacitors to function
  • Flash-embedded architecture for customized applications
Channel 12
Touch Points Support up to 36 touch buttons
Power Source (V) 2.3~3.6
Power Consumption 1-touch/60Hz: 0.2mA; Sleep: 20µA; Suspend: 8µA
Touch Panel Size (inch) --
Interface I2C
IAP Firmware update over I2C
Windows PTP No
Package (mm) QFN-20, 4x4
Applications 3C consumer devices, electronic door locks, kitchen appliances (or any device that requires touch-button or touch-bar inputs)