• Mutual type touchpad controller in QFN64 8mmx8mm package
  • Support 10 touch points and up to 6.5-inch active touch area
  • Windows 10 PTP compliance
  • Ability to realize TOK (Touch-on-Keyboard) solutions
  • HID-I2C/PS2 Dual Mode
  • High noise immunity (10V CS Noise)
  • Dynamic palm-rejection scheme to reject faulty touch
  • Smart auto-calibration
Channel 54
Touch Points Support up to 10 touch points
Power Source (V) 2.3~3.6
Power Consumption 14mA/130Hz; sleep 150uA; suspend 15uA
Touch Panel Size (inch) Up to 6.5 (diagonal size)
Interface Slave HID-I2C/PS2 dual mode; Host I2C supported
Windows PTP Yes
Package (mm) QFN-64, 8x8
Applications Laptop touchpads, trackpads, TOK (Touch-on-Keyboard)