• Support the acquisition PPG signals from red-light and IR-light
  • Provides the option to output in either Hardwired Heart Rate DSP Engine Mode or Raw Data Mode
  • Ultimately low current consumption that consumes only 160μA of typical current during heart rate detection (incl. sensor, LED, and the Hardwired Heart Rate DSP Engine)
  • Suitable for hearable applications, including the detection of heart rate and SpO2 from TWS earbuds and BLE earmuffs
Application Hearables
Package Size (mm) 3.3 x 3.3 x 0.68
Typical Current PPG Mode (20Hz): 160μA
No. of LED Drivers 3
PPG Wavelength Supported Red , IR
Built-in LED for PPG No
IR Touch Sensing Function Yes, by IR light
Availability Mass Production
**DISCLAIMER** This integrated circuit ("IC") is not intended to be used for medical device or for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. The data and information provided by the IC, included but not limited to heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, HRV, shall neither be used for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes nor be a substitute for advice from a medical professional. In addition, the data and information provided by this IC may not be highly accurate due to different factors, such as interference with signal from external sources, design of end product and changes in weather conditions or user's body condition. PIXART DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE DATA AND INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE IC. PIXART ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF USE OF SUCH DATA AND INFORMATION.