Industrial Automation

Surfaces Tracking in Manufacturing

Providing robust tracking on a wide selection of tracking surfaces/materials is vital to industrial automation. The Optical Tracking Sensor (OTS) is a suitable candidate for post-installation setup after the commissioning of the motion control system in the manufacturing line assembly. As the OTS could handle all the motion computation by itself, no other imaging processing and motion computation algorithm is required. The OTS can be easily integrated into a motion control system by connecting the OTS to an MCU to read out the data to function as additional feedback to the existing motion control system.

The applications could highly require OTS feedback to regulate the motion control to achieve optimum performance and high-quality output in the transformation of smart automation are listed.
- Displacement/speed tracking on automated conveyor
- Rotational tracking of shaft
- Printhead positioning of large-scale 3D printer
- Position alignment in 3D scanning

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