Gaming Controllers

Built-in Touchpad on Gamepad

As video games becoming more sophisticated each day, some top-tier gamepad manufacturers began to implement touchpads into their flagship gamepads to allow more control over the games.

Technical-wise, both capacitive and optical technologies may be employed for the task, yet capacitive touchpad can be designed to completely level with the controller surface for a minimal look. Nevertheless, optical touchpads are still the top priority for many mechanical designers when it comes to gamepad, because it offers good durability and cost effectiveness.

No matter what your final choices are, PixArt has the perfect solution to offer. With CFN (Capacitive Finger Navigation) and OFN (Optical Finger Navigation) technologies in place that both come with enhanced algorithms to improve performance and avoid unwanted environment/man-made interferences, the ultimate gaming experience can finally be delivered with ease and style for everyone to enjoy.

To find out more information about PixArt's CFN and OFN technologies, please check the related product list below.

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