Optical Finger Navigation

The Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) series are built to provide full flexibility on space-constrained smart controller interfaces.
When a user moves finger across the surface of the OFN product, the built-in infrared light source will illuminate the microscopic patterns on the finger surface and reflect the patterns to the built-in optical CMOS image sensor. Any further finger movements identified from the CMOS image sensor will be converted to dual-axis data by algorithms, with the amount of movement interpreted as number of counts.
PixArt’s OFN series provide up to 4 types of compact optical navigation modules/sensors, each comes with distinctive features such as high 4000cpi programmable resolution, heartrate detection, slim type, sunlight cancellation and compliance with automotive-grade standards. By incorporating our free-/2-/4-/8-direction navigation technologies with smart TV controllers, automotive media systems, steering wheels, laptops and medical devices, we offer our users an enjoyable and convenient controlling experiences anywhere, anytime.
Optical Finger Navigation Products
Part No. Type
Package Type & Size
Supply Voltage
Operation Current
Sleep1 Current
Tracking Speed
More Info
VDD: 1.7~2.1; VDDIO: 1.65~3.6
Typ. 2.9
Typ. 350
I2C, 4-wire SPI
Up to 20
QFN 28-pin; 6.0*6.0*1.45
VDDM: 2.5~3.6; VDDIO: 1.62~3.6
Typ. 2.5
Typ. 420
I2C, 4-wire SPI
Up to 30
LGA 18-pin, 4.2*4.2*0.91
VDDM: 2.5~3.6; VDDIO: 1.62~3.6
Typ. 6
Typ. 420
I2C, 4-wire SPI
Up to 30
PAW3021J1 (Automotive Grade)
VDDM: 3.0~3.6; VDDIO: 1.62~VDDM
Typ. 4.0
Typ. 2.0
I2C, 4-wire SPI
Up to 24