Surveillance & Cameras

CCTV Cameras

Widely known for its easy-to-install and budget friendly nature, CCTV camera is by far the most commonly used security monitoring device that is particularly suitable for single-site surveillance. As limited by its resolution, the CCTV Camera is not designed to support close scrutiny such as customer number plates in gas station surveillance application, yet it provides an economical option for general-purpose security in day to day life.

Transmit via coaxial cables, the analog-based CCTV technology enjoys high compatibility with most monitoring products in the market, making it easy to install and operate than any other types of surveillance technology. Today, most CCTV camera converts its analog signals to digital signals before storing its data in a DCR (Digital Video Recorder), so it could also perform image filtration and analyzing functionalities like many digital surveillance cameras do.

The PrimeSensor™ product series of PixArt offers CMOS Image Sensors that are suitable for CCTV applications. With sensitive detection capability and high temperature durability, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These high quality sensors have up to 1280H analog output resolution (1280 x 960) in 4:3 aspect ratio, and they are able to support day-to-day security demands with the ability to provide clear images under all kinds of ambient conditions.

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HD-CCTV Cameras

Being an upgraded version of CCTV, HD-CCTV (also derived from the analog technology that transmit through coaxial cables) benefit from all the easy-compatibility and digital-convertible characteristics that CCTV owns, while enhancing its resolution to capture video images to a meticulous and forensic level. Furthermore, with the presence of the latest software, many HD-CCTV supports live-zoom capability that allows an user to enlarge a selected scene to the most fine-grained details for real-time security assurance.

The PrimeSensor™ product series of PixArt offers CMOS Image Sensors that are suitable for HD-CCTV applications. With up to 1080p of resolution (1920 x 1080) and high dynamic range, the sensors are designed to deliver outstanding image clarify and color performance. To enhance flexibility in device connection and data transmission, the MIPI and Parallel interfaces are there to support multiple output format including RAW10, RAW12, HDR-RAW14 and HDR-LTM-RAW12. Along with the advanced functionalities including highly sensitivity, high dynamic range, low power consumption and high temperature tolerance, our image sensors products are ready to safeguard for those who value quality, reliability, durability and connectivity.

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IoT & Battery-Powered Wireless Cameras

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid speed and is highly likely to become the technical foundation for most households and workplaces in the near future. Under the interconnected network of IoT, a simple IP Wi-Fi camera or battery-powered wireless camera can do so much more than its conventional functionalities. By installing a smart wireless visible doorbell, the owner will be able to retrieve the image of the surveillance area through the in-built motion detection function. When triggered by the ring or moved objects, immediate notification will be sent to the designated mobile. The recipient will then be able to see the real-time image of the porch, or even conduct a two-way conversation with the visitor. This functionality can also be used to audibly control robot devices from remote, or monitor if they do what they are instructed to do.

The PrimeSensor™ series of PixArt offers low-power image sensors that consumes as little as 75mW (HDR 1080p30). With their highly compatible transmission interfaces (Parallel/MIPI) and a variety of output formats (RAW10/RAW 12/ HDR-CRAW12), these camera sensors are ready to become part of the IoT ecosystem with ease and convenience.

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IP Cameras

PixArt's PrimeSensor™ product line delivers a comprehensive series of IP Camera sensors to tailor all standards and requirements across diversified industries. With frame rate of up to 60 fps, resolution of up to 5M and all the other proudly inherited sensory capabilities, we are devoted to please your fastidious high-end users with the best surveillance engineering solutions.

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Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbell is probably one of the most instant and affordable devices you could possibly invest to protect and boost the tech-savviness of your property at the same time. From instant front door image to the more advanced features such as night vision, two-way talk, Amazon Alexa compatibility, cloud accessibility and motion detection/alert (instead of waking up by the doorbell ring, the camera will record and notify the user as soon as the visitor approaches the front porch), smart doorbells are becoming increasingly sophisticated. But no matter how fancy it gets, like many other smart IoT devices, many of the functionalities are not possible without a set of high quality and reliable sensor module behind the appliance.

Spec-wise, image sensors with large vertical FOV (i.e. “Taller view”) derived from either 1:1 or 4:3 aspect ratio are particularly suitable for smart doorbell applications, as it is less likely to miss out on objects that are vertically away from the center of the screen (such as the face of a heavyset adult or a small toddler’s figure) like conventional wide-and-flat 16:9 sensors are more likely to do. On top of the wide vertical FOV, low-power consumption rate can also be an important concern, as most self-mount smart doorbells are powered by battery.

As a comprehensive sensor designer and provider, our PrimeSensor™ product series offers sensors for smart doorbell applications that satisfy the above features in either 2.38MP or 5MP HDR resolutions, with merely 137mW and 211mW power consumption respectively. Together with the high dynamic range add-on that enhances the color performance of the video, it has never been easier to satisfy your smart home lovers with PixArt's state of art sensors.

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Baby & Pet Monitors

For parents or pet owners who wish to get a good night rest while ensuring the safety of their loved ones in the other room, baby (or pet) monitors are surely one security appliance worth investing. In recent years, an increasing number of parents/owners have chosen video-audio monitors over the conventional audio monitor for visual supervision. Along with the pervasive spread of smart phones, almost-universal home connectivity and improved sensory technology, parents or owners can easily keep an eye on their bubs through mobile apps that pair with specific monitoring products.

Like every applications have their knacks, there are a few things a video monitoring sensor must tackle to provide quality and reliable images. A darker room generally provides better sleep quality, but could be a challenge for image sensors when it comes to detection since the sensors need to maintain image quality and sensitivity under low light condition. The battery-powered sensor must also operate under low power to maximize its hours of operation, thus help reducing the frequency of charging or battery replacement. To support further zooming function that may be developed in later product development stage, the sensor resolution should not be less than 1080p so that the image remains clear even when enlarged.

With the high dynamic range and superb sensitivity of up to 4700mV/lux-sec, PixArt's dark tolerating sensors (under the PrimeSensor™ product line) are designed to impress customers and users with the ultimate image clarity, detection sensitivity and color performance.

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