Industrial Automation

High Accuracy or High Speed Printing Services

When it comes to printing quality, accuracy and resolution are the two critical factors affecting the deliverables. With PixArt's advanced Optical Tracking Sensor (OTS) solutions, we can provide both to their highest standards.

When applied on printing devices, the OTS products can track paper traveling distance from either the non-printing side of papers or photographic papers. Their outstanding detection capabilities allow the printing devices to align the papers precisely, making speedy and high-quality printing possible.

The OTS product comes in a highly integrated module with a light source, an optical chip, and a lens to facilitate further assembly works. The module is designed to track the paper media directly by detecting its alignment and feeding parameters for the best printing result.

The error rate of OTS's printing-related module can be as low as +/-0.015mm for over 25mm travel distance, which is equal to merely 0.06%. The module tolerates a media lift height (paper floating distance) of +/-0.05mm, allowing the sensor to detect paper movement within this range. Resolution-wise, the sensor has a high resolution of up to 17904cpi, allowing the module to identify and report on the slightest paper shift. The sensor's detection speed can vary according to the customer's application requirements, with the highest being 150ips.

The innovative OTS technology of PixArt has so far delivered a variety of meticulous solutions to our A-list printing customers to enhance their series of compact and media/multi-function printers. The same technological concept can also be applied to optimize the auto-feeding function for scanners, money exchange machines, and currency detectors.

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