• Mainstream HDR 1080p Sensor
  • Enhanced low light sensitivity (5800mV/lux-sec)
  • On-chip single-shot dual sensitivity HDR combination
  • On-chip local-tone-mapping (LTM) function enhance image contrast and details
  • Low-power consumption
  • Support boot-up Fast Auto-Exposure (FAE) function
  • Belongs to the PrimeSensorTM series of PixArt
Optical Format 1/2.7"
Pixel Size (μm) 3.0*3.0
Resolution (pixel) 1920*1080
Max. Frame Rate 1080p@60fps; 1080p(HDR)@30fps
Output Format RAW10, HDR-RAW14, HDR-LTM-RAW12
Interface DVP(Parallel), MIPI
Power Consumption Parallel without I/O: 54.5mW@1080p30, 107mW@HDR-LTM/1080p30; MIPI: 75mW@1080p30, 124mW@HDR-LTM/1080p30
Package CSP-47
Application IoT Camera / HD-CCTV Camera / IP Camera / DashCam / Smart Doorbell / Smart Rearview Mirrors
**ABOUT PRIMESENSOR™** PrimeSensor™ is a product series of PixArt that offers high quality image performance with industry-leading low power design. For over a decade of time, the PrimeSensor™ CMOS Image Sensor products has supported a wide variety of market sectors in achieving precision-demanding applications such as surveillance security, facial recognition, consumer electronics and automotive cameras. For more information, simply get in contact with our product consultants through the SUPPORT page of this website.