• Highly integrated analog front-end (AFE) with PPG and ECG functions
  • Multiple PDs and LEDs that allows arbitrary combinations
  • Efficient management of power consumption to facilitate prolonged acquisition of PPG/ECG signals
  • Support widely adopted single-lead ECG sensing with lead-on detection function
  • Suitable for wearable devices, multi-parameter monitors, and hand-held ECG monitor applications
Application Wearables/Hand-held ECG monitor
Package Size (mm) 2.236 x 2.556 x 0.52 (WLCSP)
Typical Current PPG Mode (25Hz): 25μA; ECG Mode (256Hz): 150μA
No. of LED Drivers 2 with 250 mA
PPG Wavelength Supported Green, Red, IR
Built-in LED for PPG N/A
IR Touch Sensing Function Yes
Availability Mass Production