Wearables & Hearables

Digital Rotary input via crowns for Smart Watch and Wearables

PixArt's Optical Tracking Sensor (OTS) technology has derived into a diversified range of applications in the past twenty years. One that has been widely deployed in smart watches and wearable devices lately is rotary movement detection for crown shafts. This technology is able to detect how many degrees a shaft has been turned by the user. By transferring the data to the smart devices, it would allow users to make various customized settings.

In order to facilitate and ease future development work, we offer maximum flexibility when it comes to infrastructure design for our customers. The powerful OTS module with in-built laser light source, is single-packaged through miniature reflowable surface mount technology. It is able to detect stainless steel crown shaft with diameter that is as thin as 1mm, and support readings from both glossy and rough shaft surfaces that has a roughness level between RA0.5 and 1um. To further reinforce readings when the shaft has a thin diameter, the resolution of PixArt’s OTS module could be adjusted to be as high as 630 count/revolution, with detection speed of up to 300rpm (rounds per minute).

PixArt has proven its sensor qualities over time and supplied to a wide range of top-tier smart watch makers upon rotary OTS applications. For more information, please select from the related product pages to the left, or contact us via [Support] to find out more about our Optical Tracking Miniature Sensors.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses can be defined as either wearable computer glasses that deliver additional information to the wearer based on what he or she sees, or as highly adjustable glasses that can be configured by the wearer for better visual experience (for instance, to adjust focal or glass tint settings). Both types of the smart glasses need controllers that are easy to operate, with small form factor that can be fitted onto either the spectacle frames or temples – something PixArt has to offer through our many years of dedication in control technologies.

Indeed, there are two readily available control technologies that you may choose from PixArt. The Capacitive Finger Navigation (CFN) technology provides the touchpad function that allows the wearer to intuitively select from a vast range of options. If there are less functions for the wearer to pick from, the Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) will come in handy to provide free navigation or up to 8-direction selectivity control.

For more information about our CFN and OFN technologies, please select the related product pages to the left, or go to our Support page for inquiries.

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