Corporate Governance

Chief Corporate Governance Officer

The Company’s board of directors resolved to appoint Mei-Wei Lo, Vice President of the Company, as the Chief Corporate Governance Officer on
November 3, 2020.
The Chief Corporate Governance Officer has more than 3 years of experience in financial and stock affairs of a public company.
The position is accountable for corporate governance matters, including:
    1. Handling matters relating to board meetings and shareholders meetings according to laws
    2. Producing minutes of board meetings and shareholders meetings
    3. Assisting in onboarding and continuous development of directors and supervisors
    4. Furnishing information required for business execution by directors and supervisors
    5. Assisting directors and supervisors with legal compliance
    6. Other matters set out in the articles or corporation or contracts

Status of Chief Corporate Governance Officer's advanced studies:

Date Host by Course name Study hours
2020/11/3 Taiwan Corporate Governance Association An insight look to financial statements 3 Hr
2020/12/22 Taiwan Corporate Governance Association law of diligence for business acquisition and introduction to commercial agreement 3 Hr