Social Participation

Social Welfare


PixArt has actively engaged in social welfare initiatives. We address the needs of vulnerable groups through various means, such as manpower, financial contributions, and material support. The volunteer group, established by our passionate colleagues, embodies the mission of "uniting love and action, enhancing the value of life, and safeguarding the health of the planet" to harness collective efforts to touch the lives of more vulnerable communities. Each year, PixArt and the volunteer group collaborate to plan diverse social welfare activities and invite colleagues and their families to participate so we can leverage our corporate influence to bring more love and care to society.

In 2022, PixArt invited colleagues and their families to participate in various social engagement activities, indirectly mobilizing and influencing over 3,000 individuals. We strive to expand our influence by raising awareness of different social issues and harnessing all individuals' collective love and strength to inspire society. Each person contributes an average of nearly two hours of volunteer work by providing incentives. Their engagement in volunteer work assists others and positively affects their self-value, contributing to a positive cycle within society.


Our Actions

Life Care
  • Bringing Light to Children's Christmas Wishes: PixArt's volunteer team has collaborated with the World Peace Foundation to fulfill the Christmas wishes of underprivileged children in remote towns in Hsinchu and Miaoli (many of whom come from low-income households, are raised by grandparents, or are from immigrant families) for four consecutive years. We have so far visited 10 rural primary and secondary schools, delivering gifts prepared by colleagues to children on Christmas Eve. This initiative aims to accompany the children, bring warmth to their Christmas, and ignite hope in their hearts. As of 2022, we have reached 390 children. Our executives and volunteer team aim to deliver the heartfelt gifts prepared by our colleagues to the children, making every Christmas a genuinely heartwarming and blessed occasion.
  • Regular Blood Drives: We invite the Hsinchu Blood Center to bring their mobile blood donation vehicles to our company premises for blood drives, allowing our employees to donate blood while balancing their work responsibilities. As of 2022, we have successfully organized four blood drives involving nearly 250 colleagues, collecting over 370 bags of blood for those in desperate need.
  • Fundraising for Children in Remote Areas: As of 2022, 561 colleagues generously ensured ongoing assistance and care for financially disadvantaged students through the physical education program of Yuandong Junior High School, Emei Primary School, Wufeng Township Elementary School. The support enabling them have more energy, focus on their studies, without worry when pursuing their sports dreams.