Social Participation

Community Care


PixArt and our volunteer team are committed to tangibly supporting vulnerable groups and elderly nursing homes within our local community. During the pandemic, we assisted disadvantaged communities with monthly orders of egg rolls and donated material supplies to community care facilities in Hsinchu County.

Our Actions

  • Egg rolls and cookies: Every month, we place orders for egg rolls and cookies handmade by individuals with intellectual disabilities from the Hsinchu Catholic Social Welfare Foundation. From June 2020 to the end of 2022, we have purchased more than 16,000 egg rolls and cookies from Ren’ai. It is hoped to support the learning and advance their work skills with our physical support. Every box of egg roll and cookie sold means extra reward, extra confidence, and extra dignity in work, enriching the value of their lives.
  • Donations of organic fruit and vegetables: During the festive seasons, our volunteer team delivers donations of organic fruit and vegetables to many organizations, such as the St. Terresa Children Center, Hsinchu Catholic Social Welfare Foundation, and OFO Foundation Hsinchu Service Center. This initiative allows children and elderly persons to derive nutrition and benefits from organic produce that strengthens their immune systems. As of 2022, we have accumulated 3,760 kilograms of citrus fruit donations.
Environmental Care
  • Sending love to St. Joseph's Home: In recent years, our volunteer group has made multiple donations of epidemic prevention supplies and healthcare products to St. Joseph's Home in Hukou, Hsinchu, to provide immediate replenishment of medical resources to dedicated frontline service workers within the facility and to ensure that vulnerable elderly residents with cognitive impairment or disabilities receive the help they need. PixArt has donated various items for three consecutive years, including rubbing alcohol, masks, gloves, diapers, thermometers, and sofas. As many elderly residents within the facility suffer from respiratory and lung-related health issues, there is a need for floor-type phlegm suction machines. In addition to our sponsorship, we have collaborated with our partnering vendors to deliver equipment and supplies in person to provide them with the most substantial assistance. 

    In celebration of 2022 Father’s Day, PixArt organized the “Love Father, Love Hug” campaign. We donated a bag of diapers to senior male residents of St. Joseph Home for every picture of employees hugging their father or child. The campaign was highly welcomed by our colleagues which boxes of diapers were delivered to St. Joseph Home.
    (More about St. Joseph's Home: