Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Protection


PixArt utilizes our power as an enterprise to promote environmental education internally and collaborate with other external environmental protection groups, government agencies, and local residents to support their ecological conservation programs actively.

  • Love the Ocean Campaign: We have responded to the Society of Wilderness' ocean advocacy for several years by sponsoring the Ocean Protection Fund for marine conservation purposes. We also organized beach cleaning activities for six years in a row, expanding our footprint from Nanliao Beach, Xinyue Beach, and Xinfu Beach in Hsinchu to Evergreen Forest in Miaoli; and further stretching to the coastline of Xiangshan in Hsinchu in 2022 (with 113 participants). We actively invest human resources to lead our colleagues and their families in beach cleaning, incorporating marine conservation knowledge into the activities and instilling a sense of ocean protection and love for children participating in the initiative from a young age.
  • Reducing Plastic Consumption: We have launched a plastic reduction campaign within our company, where no disposable utensils and plastic straws will be provided during daily breaks, meetings, or celebration events. Instead, a set of eco-friendly straws for permanent usage were distributed to each colleague. We encourage our colleagues to bring their own water bottles for all external events, as we want to reduce the possibility of producing plastic waste caused by the provision of one-time lunch boxes or bottled water. We strictly adhere to the principle of "Save earth by reducing plastic consumption. "
  • The Second Life for Computers - Empowering People in Need: In 2021, we donated old computers, monitors, and other IT equipment to the ASUS Foundation's program " The Second Life for Computers – Empowering People in Need". These computer devices were refurbished by recycling companies and donated as recycled computers to vulnerable groups. This meaningful program minimizes the digital divide in society and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 4,779 metric tons, equivalent to saving approximately 398,232 trees.